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Bug Reporting

Found a bug in Helma? The best way to get it fixed is to file a bug report with our Bugzilla system.

When writing a bug report, it's a good thing to remember that the person reading it does not know what you were about to do. Please add as much context and information as possible! At least the following info should be included:

  1. What you were trying to do
  2. The (buggy) result you got
  3. The result you were expecting

Ideally, a bug report should include code to reproduce the behaviour, but of course that's not always a trivial task.

If filing a bug with Bugzilla seems like too much work, you can also send a report to one of the mailing lists. Messages to the list tend to vanish in the archives, though, while bug reports don't, so chances of getting things fixed are usually higher with a proper report.

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