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Welcome to the Helma Wiki!

Most activity in the wiki currently revolves around working drafts for additional documentation and around Helma NG with a newly added dedicated Helma NG Wiki space.

Other important wiki pages are the lists of Related Projects and Sites using Helma, to both of which you are welcome to add your own or other missing entries.

Also helpful to find what you are looking for, may be the search page, the updates page, the tags cloud and the complete list of pages in the wiki, which contains ideas, drafts and other miscellaneous bits and serves as an incubation space for new projects and documentation pages that may later be moved to their dedicated spaces.

Don't hesitate to just add a new page if you have something to contribute and are not sure where otherwise to put it.

Recent Updates

namemodified bylast modified
Helma NGhannes2013/12/11 15:04
Test Pagehannes2010/10/28 03:12
Helma Reference Erratazumbrunn2010/02/10 01:43
Helma Roadmapzumbrunn2010/02/10 01:04
Helma 1.7.0 Changelogzumbrunn2010/02/09 23:53
Proposal for new Macros and FilterPhilipp2010/01/21 12:14
Sites using Helmazumbrunn2010/01/14 10:11
HopRepltobi2009/12/16 00:15
URL Rewriting With Jetty And Helma 1.xtobi2009/11/02 17:48
Setting Up A Web Application With Jetty And Helma 1.xtobi2009/11/02 17:47
Configuring Jetty in Helma 1.xtobi2009/11/02 17:46
New features in Helma 1.7zumbrunn2009/10/04 18:27
Profilerhannes2009/09/29 15:52
server.propertieshannes2009/09/29 09:49
app.propertieshannes2009/09/29 09:49
Documentation Draftshannes2009/09/22 09:20
Creating collections programmaticallyhannes2009/09/22 09:18
hello worldsimono2009/09/21 15:15
Markdown Formattinghannes2009/09/21 14:50
Helma NG (original page)hannes2009/09/19 23:42
Many-to-many Relationshipshannes2009/09/17 15:48
tobitobi2009/08/21 13:26
mariusmarius2009/06/10 12:39
Modules and Scopes in Helma NGbard2009/05/30 12:37
HOWTO improve Helma 1.xsimono2009/04/29 11:30
Helma 1.7 wishlisthannes2009/04/04 09:42
Defining HopObject mappings programmaticallysimono2009/04/02 12:25
HopObject Query Objecthannes2009/04/02 10:37
Cronjobshannes2009/02/19 12:14
Pure JavaScript applicationshannes2009/02/19 10:40
helma.org redesignhannes2009/02/18 00:29
Helma and MySQLhannes2009/02/17 22:57
Helma and log4jhannes2009/02/17 22:48
Helma Logginghannes2009/02/17 22:43
Cachinghannes2009/02/17 22:39
Helma NG Wishlisthannes2009/02/17 20:16
XML-RPC Samplehannes2009/02/17 20:14
Minutes from the Helma Spring 2008 Meetinghannes2009/02/17 13:48
Handler for rendered skinshannes2009/02/17 13:16
Rabbittobi2008/12/20 13:13
Helma 1.6.3 Changelogzumbrunn2008/11/25 17:39
Related Projectszumbrunn2008/10/31 22:22
ModuleSystemKris Kowal2008/09/06 22:57
on Helma 1.6.x and the scope of source code in "prototype" folders.breton2008/08/06 07:16
philippPhilipp2008/06/06 15:35
Helma NG 0.2hannes2008/05/21 20:46
Object Reference Mapping (1:1 relation)zumbrunn2008/05/12 15:38
Wiki Overview Text Draftzumbrunn2008/05/09 14:24
Collection Mappinganton2008/05/08 19:59
Helma Meeting Spring 2008marius2008/05/07 20:10
matthiasmatthias2008/05/02 12:10
Helma NG 0.1hannes2008/04/23 15:29
antonanton2008/04/22 13:12
Helma 2 import featureshannes2008/04/19 01:15
Nice things in Djangohannes2008/04/16 15:59
Helma 1.6.2 Changelogzumbrunn2008/04/14 12:50
Axiom Stackhannes2008/04/04 11:25
Continuationshannes2008/04/03 23:32
RFC: Optional property type declarations for embedded dbmaks2008/04/03 05:29
Server Migrationhannes2008/04/02 14:31
Basic Scaffoldingmaks2008/01/25 05:49
Additional Filename Conventionszumbrunn2008/01/22 17:51
e4xd and jhino - experimental soft-coding scaffold using JOMPzumbrunn2008/01/22 17:16
RFC: New JSON based DB for Helmamaks2008/01/21 23:59
Comparison of JSAdapter and JOMPhannes2008/01/15 12:27
TODOhannes2008/01/14 10:45
Helma 1.6.1 Changeloghannes2008/01/11 09:40
Testing Helma with jala.Testhannes2007/12/12 15:56
Pluggable Rhino Debuggershannes2007/12/11 17:22
Workspacephilmaker2007/11/19 08:11
Helma AJAX Requestsphilmaker2007/11/19 06:02
Helma in a Nutshellphilmaker2007/11/19 06:01
HelmaSwarmhannes2007/11/16 19:35
Update build script to Subversionhannes2007/10/11 15:50
Parent related problems in Helma 1.6.0hannes2007/10/08 14:16
Enhancements for response buffer handlinghannes2007/09/24 12:56
Builder Applicationmaks2007/09/04 03:34
HelmaLibzumbrunn2007/07/09 14:21
Mocha Inheritancezumbrunn2007/07/08 18:50
Helma 1.6.0 Changelogzumbrunn2007/06/30 18:53
Rhino Bugs & Patcheshannes2007/06/28 15:03
New HTTP-related Features in Helma 1.6hannes2007/06/15 20:46
Upload Demohannes2007/06/05 21:46
New Skin Features in Helma 1.6hannes2007/05/02 15:35
JavaScript Template EngineLehni2007/04/22 07:23
Alternative Lazy JavaScript Inheritanceluchkovsky2007/04/21 12:24
Helma 1.5 skin rendering is brokenhannes2007/03/31 09:04
Helma 2 Templates - hanneshannes2007/03/17 16:17
Helma 1.5.0 Changeloghannes2007/02/23 14:47
Helma 2 Templates - ORF.attobi2007/01/12 14:10
Helma Logohannes2006/12/19 16:06
E4Xhannes2006/11/29 10:37
RhinoLoaderhannes2006/11/29 10:17
Using Helma 2 as Libraryhannes2006/11/29 01:32
Java 5 Concurrency Utilitieshannes2006/11/29 00:59
aemkeiaemkei2006/11/27 12:18
Helma Moduleshannes2006/11/24 14:55
JS-based implementation of snippets (aka subskins)tobi2006/11/03 19:22
dev-nulltobi2006/11/03 19:21
suggestion for helma user documentationtobi2006/11/03 19:21

Links to this page: Proposal for Helma project bylaws, Wiki Overview Text Draft, development